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Us elections

Tuesday's midterm elections in the US has generated great intensity and a significant higher voter interest than previous midterms for it is in a way a referendum on President Trump.
Democrats had promised a "blue wave " sweep to take control of the House and the Senate - the only way to stop Trump's agenda on issues like immigration,nomination of judges and healthcare.But contradictory to the opinions of media like Fox News, Republicans have won enough Senate seats to split control of Congress.
Democrats had an uphill task from the start. They not only needed to win just 2 seats but also to hold on to at least 6 states where they faced tough challenge from Republicans. All their efforts were futile for they lost 3 of those 6 seats in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.
Senator Ted Cruz's victory in red Texas against Democrat challenger Beto O'Rourke shut down their last hope. 
Republican Marsha Blackburn's win makes her the first female US senator in Tennessee.
The loss of Democrat Senator Bill Nelson in Florida, increased GOP control of the Senate - a "red wave" of sorts. 
Of course, it was a different story in the House where the Democrats won. 

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