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Trump's win prophesied

Trump's win prophesied

Donald Trump's unexpected win in November 2016 Presidential election did not surprise Max Taylor, a retired firefighter and coauthor of The Trump Prophecies, who says that nearly everything God told him is coming to pass.
In April 2011,Taylor said that while  watching Donald Trump being interviewed, he heard the voice of the Lord say, "You're hearing the voice of a president". 
He immediately wrote down all that the Holy Spirit told him. He shared the prophecy with his physician, Dr. Don Colbert and his wife,Mary. 
Colbert said that as the Lord instructed him, he started a 15 minutes a day prayer chain on Labor Day - involving the Body of Christ across the country, for a lot of prayer was needed for the prophecy to come true. 
Taylor expected the prophecy to happen during the 2012 election but it was only on June 16,2015 that Donald Trump announced that he was running for Presidential election of the United States. 
No one took the billionaire businessman seriously. Colbert too had his moments of doubt for the campaigns grew heated and ugly at times. He called on God for confirmation. Mary says that the Holy Spirit impressed upon her to watch the upcoming Belmont horse race of June 2016.On reading CNN headline - "Creator wins by a Photo Finish", she was convinced of the prophecy. 
Trump's win astounded even the most experienced political journalists. 
Taylor says God used Trump to stop the anti-Christian agenda that was prevailing in America. According to Taylor, the prophecy regarding the news media, that they would be captivated by Trump and would begin to agree him is yet to be realised. 
He also says that God will rebuild and restore the news media because there is no spirit of truth in them right now. 
Taylor also predicts that the church will thrive and America will see a great move of God. He is also absolutely sure that  "people will see the good that the country is coming in to, the prosperity, the economy, the jobs" - and that Trump" is going to sail in to the second term ".

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