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The US midterm election results and what it might entail

The US midterm election results and what it might entail

The midterm election has finally ended. On Tuesday, for the first time in 8 years, Democrats took control of the House but the "blue wave" that they expected turned out to be a trickle for the Republicans have increased their majority in the Senate. 
Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed stated that the Republicans would have lost in a landslide in the Sunshine State but for the evangelicals who voted them to victory. 
Josh Howley who beat Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri gave credit to where it is due when he declared,  ”Tonight, the good Lord and the people of Missouri have given us the victory - we won!"
There have been some firsts too in this election. As many as 100 women will now serve in the House of Representatives and 2 of them are Muslims, which is another first. 
However Democratic majority in the House might cause a setback to Trump's legislative agenda. 
As Democrats prepare for the control of the House, it is yet to be decided if Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will continue her role as House speaker. With healthcare issue as their priority, Pelosi vowed that healthcare costs and prescription drug prices for seniors and family will be cut down.
Democrats have also promised to launch committee investigations of President Trump and his administration and they might probably begin impeachment proceedings against both the President and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.
It remains to be seen if the divided Congress will decide to work together or deepen the discord. 

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