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Freedom March in LA-"Jesus can change anyone"

Jesus can change anyone

This weekend Los Angeles will witness an unprecedented Freedom March. The Good News will be proclaimed, praises will fill the air and testimonies will be shared in Perishing Square, by former transgenders, lesbian and gay individuals who have accepted Jesus Christ. 

Jeffrey McCall, the founder of this movement says that the F march is about finding freedom in Christ. He lived as a transgender woman and one day in his spirit, he asked God, Will I ever live for you? " He was stunned and shocked when God audibly answered," Yes, you will live for me." This transformed his life. 

Luis Javier Ruiz and Angel Colony are survivors of the massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando in 2016,where 49 people were killed.

Colon was shot 6 times and Ruiz was nearly trampled to death in the stampede. 

Colony was watching the news in the hospital bed, when God began to work in his heart. He is now grateful for the second chance he has been granted and is a living testimony that Jesus can change anyone. 

"We are a group of overcomers that used to be LGBTQ and now we are sharing our story with the world," Ruiz said. 

The leaders hope to bring together fellow overcomers, to reach out to the LGBTQ community in each city and convey the message of redemption and hope. 

McCall calls out to the local church to be ready to love them, bring them in, disciple them and grow them.

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